Collection of all homework assignments so far

Project Mayhem has been sending out homework assignments for several months now. Jump to the rest of the article to read all of the Homework Assignments so far.

Homework Assignment: Post a creative but untrue #omgfacts. For example “Motor oil can be used as lawn fertilizer”

Homework Assignment: Help delay someone’s bad day. Steal the parking ticket off their windshield.

Homework Assignment: Get a white cane. Pretending you are visually impaired, use it to cut in line and deliberately bump into people.

Homework Assignment: Leave a forged memo describing the closing / bankruptcy of your office on the office photocopier. Include names/dates

Homework Assignment: Call a tech support. See how long you can keep them on the line for no reason. Prep long winded stories in advance.

Homework Assignment: Call a “How am I Driving” number. Make an outlandishly false claim. Be creative.

Homework Assignment: Download Microsoft Cofee while it’s still hot: Search for “cofee” on

Homework Assignment: when staying in a hotel, steal the “do not disturb” signs from all the doors after midnight.

Homework Assignment: Go out and steal Halloween yard decorations. Return them to their yards two weeks before Christmas.

Homework Assignment: Fill a shopping cart to the top with groceries, making sure to get a few gallons of ice cream. Leave it. Thanks Anon.

Homework Assignment: Host a Windows 7 Torrenting party:

Homework Assignment: Launch a weather balloon. Call the media and claim your kid was aboard. Darn. Already done.

Homework Assignment: Hide/submit a geocache on somebody else’s private property. Leave a hint that it is easier found after dark.

Homework Assignment: Blow a circuit breaker at work by inserting paper clip between leads of a power plug. Careful. It’ll take a while to figure out.

Homework Assignment: Peel the registration stickers from all the Mercedes license plates at the mall.

Homework Assignment: Print a subversive message ten times, Place each copy randomly in the blank paper of your company s copier or printer.

Homework Assignment: allows you to fake your caller id (free sample on website). Prank call your boss with a coworkers ID.

Homework Assignment: Make a fake twitter account for your boss. Follow your coworkers. Assign them projects.

Homework Assignment: Iron filings and Apple Magsafe connectors go well together. Try it at your local Apple store.

Homework Assignment: Carry a screwdriver with you regularly. Remove random screws from things when the mood strikes you.

Homework Assignment: Google ads cost per click. If you see an ad you disagree with, click on it repeatedly.

Homework Assignment: Leave twenty shopping carts across the parking lot. Make sure to get the best spaces.

Homework Assignment: Put black electrical tape over the sensor on the auto-flushing toilets in public restrooms. Cut to size.

Homework Assignment: Move “Caution – Wet Floor” signs to a more interesting and drier place.

Homework Assignment: When in the changing room at the department store, yell out loudly “There’s no toilet paper in here!”

Homework Assignment: Leave a note in a kid’s book at Borders – “Do you know what a Gigolo is? Isn’t that a funny word? Go ask your teacher!”

Homework Assignment: Set the alarm clocks in the house ware department to go off in five minute intervals.

Homework Assignment: Clog the ice tray drain at the soda fountain with a napkin at your favorite fast food joint.

Homework Assignment: In public restrooms, glue all of the sheets of toilet paper together.

Homework Assignment: Send out a #followfriday exclusively of suspended accounts.

Homework Assignment: There are no safety seals on hotel shampoos. Most people wouldn’t notice if their shampoo looked like vegetable oil.

Homework Assignment: Got a can of something past the sell by date? Don’t waste it. Return it to the grocery shelves. Someone will buy it

Homework Assignment: Is the ketchup at Denny’s sweet enough? Good thing the sugar is right next to the ketchup bottle.

Homework Assignment: Spike the coffee pot tomorrow at work tomorrow. Everybody deserves a nice Irish coffee.

Homework Assignment: Ever notice how all groceries are sealed… except bread? Leave a post it note greeting for the next buyer between the slices.

Homework Assignment: Dish washing liquid in fountains is too overdone. How about a case of Metamucil or other fiber supplement?

Homework Assignment: Buy used suitcase from thrift store. Take it to the airport; leave it in a waiting area.

Homework Assignment: Pretend to arrest a prominent African American Scholar in his own home. Bonus if you can get the president to comment.

Homework Assignment: Change the Hot, Medium, and Mild labels on the Salsa at your local Mexican Restaurant.

Homework Assignment: Unscrew a light bulb in a public place.

Homework Assignment: Pick up traffic cones and reposition them somewhere you think is more appropriate. Be creative, close that street.

Homework Assignment: donate one of these to your local library: Law libraries better.

Homework Assignment: Kidnap a geocache. Leave a ransom note.

Homework Assignment: Drop a high power magnet into the bin of gift credit cards at Starbucks.

Homework Assignment: Drop random groceries into others baskets when they aren’t looking.

Homework Assignment: Write messages in a middle page of the spiral notebooks at the drug store. You know. Something for the kiddies.

Homework Assignment: Siphon gas between random cars in a mall parking lot (not your own, that’d be stealing).

Homework Assignment: Cover your hands in lotion and go into a Swarovski Crystal store. Handle as many objects as you can.

Homework Assignment: Make a coin roach motel by using crazy glue in the locks of your local parking meters. Coins go in, but not out. 😉

Homework Assignment: Collect business cards from people you don’t like, so you can pass them off as yours to people you don’t want to know.

Homework Assignment: Send anonymous Text messages. Verizon: Sprint:

Homework Assignment: Choose a random twitterer (stranger) and retweet some obscure message of theirs. Preferably a personal one.

Homework Assignment: Buy one of these: Put it in your backpack / handbag and hang out at your local cell phone store.

Homework Assignment: Conference two or more tech support calls together. Stay silent. See how long it takes them to figure it out.

Homework Assignment: Fun with Crazy Glue Part 3- At the bank, glue the little pen on a chain into its holder.

Homework Assignment: At the doctor, ask for one of those biohazard bags. They are fun to put stuff in and then leave in public places.

Homework Assignment: Fun with Crazy Glue part 2- Stick salt shakers to restaurant tables.

Homework Assignment: Find area with several newspaper vending machines. Buy one each, and while open, rotate the papers between machines.

Homework Assignment: Rotate the book sleeves on similarly sized hardbacks at you local bookstore.

Homework Assignment: Tie a kite and 20ft of string to the rear bumper of a cop car. Hide it under the car so he won’t see it.

Homework Assignment: Fake retweet something. Make some outrageous post, attribute it to a stranger.

Homework Assignment: Replace the sand from a public ashtray with a mixture of potassium nitrate and sugar. Look it up and be VERY careful.

Homework Assignment: Remove and rearrange the street signs in your city.

Homework Assignment: Write recipes for Spotted Owl and Bald Eagle. Anonymously share them on cooking websites. Let us know your favs.

Homework Assignment: Find a new Twitterer with only one or two followers. Follow them, and comment on every post they make. Freak ’em out.

Homework Assignment:

Homework Assignment: Write the most insane resume you can (alien abduction, conspiracy theories) and someone else’s contact info. Apply.

Homework Assignment: Come up with fun posting for Craigslist adult services. Use local Citibank branch as contact info.

Homework Assignment: Remove “No Parking” signs, and place them in random spots throughout the city.

Homework Assignment: Post movie spoilers next to movie ticket vending machines. Via Anonymous.

Homework Assignment: Buy brown paper “lunch bags”. Paint them yellow. Put them over ever parking meter on a city street.

Homework Assignment: Fill your shopping cart with random groceries. Replace them at random locations throughout the store.

Homework Assignment: Always reply to scam emails with your boss’s contact info. Most email anonymizers allow you to specify a reply to addr

Homework Assignment: Scrape the inspection stickers off of the pumps at your local franchise gas station.

Homework Assignment: Set off nuclear blast in North Korea. Let Kim Il Sung take the blame.

Homework Assignment: Anonymously warn someone about an STD All you need is their email address.

Homework Assignment: Cover a business card (not yours) with two-sided foam tape. Feed it into an ATM machine. Don’t get caught on camera.

Homework Assignment: Open and unattended convertibles are great places to hide you spare women’s under garments and costume jewelry.

Homework Assignment: Buy pocketful of electric socket safety covers and crazy glue. See how many sockets you can gum up in public places.

Homework Assignment: Book stores place magnetic security strips in accessible places. Peel and stick to security gate on way out. Alarm won’t stop.

Homework Assignment: Fill out random change of address forms for people you don’t know. But send them some place nice, like Hawaii.

Homework Assignment: Make a sign saying “please honk several times for service”. Post at local fast food drive through menu board.

Homework Assignment: Post the most obnoxious comment you can think of online. Dare people to call you to debate it. Leave Wal-Mart customer service number.

Homework Assignment: Find the customer feedback phone number on your favorite junk food or beverage. Complain about the quality.

Homework Assignment: Make green graffiti. Wash your message onto a dirty or dingy building or concrete with cleanser.

Homework Assignment: Photocopy a handwritten note apologizing for the dent you left on the car. Place randomly on cars at the mall.

Homework Assignment: put mineral oil in empty bottles of Purell, and leave in public places.

Homework Assignment: Just once in your life, you gotta pull the fire alarm. Do you really want to go through life never having done that?

Homework Assignment: Buy a bag of wild bird seed. Spread it around a luxury car dealership late tonight.

Homework Assignment: Don’t spike the punch bowl with alcohol this year. Visine is more fun, and will create longer lasting Prom memories.

Homework Assignment: Buy box of plastic insects from toy store. Spread them around your favorite franchise restaurant (TGI Friday’s, etc)

Homework Assignment: Grab some chalk and head downtown to the two hour parking areas. Mark every tire.

Homework Assignment: Change the home page on the Macs at your local Apple Store to something more fun. Be creative.

Homework Assignment: Leave an anonymous note in the cosmetics department of Nordstrom’s claiming urine was placed in one of the “testers”.

Homework Assignment: Hang an “Out of order” sign on all but one of the bathroom stalls at your local Movie Theater.

Homework Assignment: Order your favorite movie on Netflix. Report that it didn’t arrive. Don’t do this too often.

Homework Assignment: Make fake missing persons fliers, with celebrity photos and descriptions, and local newspaper ads contact info.

Homework Assignment: Go on a message board and spread a ridiculously false rumor. Think “Jerry Fallwell converting to Islam”.

Homework Assignment: Make bulletin board flier offering assassin for hire. Leave non-urgent police phone number as contact.

Homework Assignment: Find out Manager’s name at closest Starbucks. Call other Starbuck as that Manager, ask to borrow a box of cups. Go pick them up.

Homework Assignment: Tape up the next box of something you buy empty so it looks new. Return it to the store shelf. It’s not stealing.

Homework Assignment: Take the menu from one restaurant. Tape it to the inside window of another restaurant. Or tape Chinese menu in Petco.

Homework Assignment: Help save Twitter by joining the #spamrevolt. Read how:

Homework Assignment: Find a twitterer that is clearly posting pay-per-click ads. Click and click. Just don’t buy. Make ads too expensive to run.

Homework Assignment: Take the opportunity to fill out job applications at your local Target or Wal-Mart in the name of your boss.

Homework Assignment: Buy Police Crime Scene Tape and make official looking notice saying no admittance until further notice. Choose target business.

Homework Assignment: Write to-do list- 1. Dispose of body 2. Toss gun 3. Launder money 4. Purchase plane tickets. Leave in public photocopier

Homework Assignment: Make a fake “if found/reward” dog tag at Petco, with locally well known person as contact. Put on stray dog or cat.

Homework Assignment: Move “House for Sale” from house to house in your neighborhood.

Homework Assignment: in a large parking lit, rotate the license plates between five or six cars.

Homework Assignment: Print out “wet paint” signs. Tape them up around town, where ever least convenient. IE park benches, guard rails, etc

Homework Assignment: Write a tweet with the words “Social Media” in them, and reply back to me how many followers you get overnight!

Homework Assignment: print up out of order signs. Tape them to various ATMs and other vending machines.

Homework Assignment: Piss off the sports bar. Pick up one of these: During a big game, turn off the TV.

Homework Assignment: Roundup Graffiti. Use Weed Killer to etch your message into local private golf course. “Project Mayhem” preferred.

Homework Assignment: Via @Tylersabortion- Call a random stranger in sick for work. People who wear name tags as part if their job are the easiest.

Homework Assignment: Go to the post office and pick up a few pre-addressed envelopes from the tax forms. Send them thank you letters.

Homework assignment: Stock up on tacky bumper stickers. The more offensive the better. Affix them to random luxury European sports cars.

Homework Assignment: Swap around hair dye bottles in your local drug store. Put Blond in Auburn boxes, Auburn in Black, etc.

Homework Assignment: Swap around hair dye bottles in your local drug store. Put Blond in Auburn boxes, Auburn in Black, etc.

Homework Assignment: Fun with P-Touch. Take a portable label maker with you. Label things correctly (ie spam=mystery meat).

Homework Assignment: Sharpies permanent markers cover bar codes really well. If you don’t believe me, try it on 100 or so items at the shop

Homework Assignment: Swipe the “buy 1 get 1 free” signs at your grocery store. A week after sale is done, put them back in the same place.

Homework Assignment: Take a single serving ketchup pack at McDonald’s and place it between the seat and the toilet rim in the bathroom

Homework Assignment: At your favorite department store, turn the hot water on in the bathroom. Leave sign saying “don’t touch -the Plumber”

Homework Assignment: Guerrilla Graffiti. Get some white and blue paint, and make every parking spot a handicap parking spot.

Homework Assignment: Domainsmack someone. Get a domain and point it at your target. Pompousidiot(dot)com is available. Point away!

Homework Assignment: (part 2) Improve on them by describing prizes for best / prettiest / smartest pets.

Homework assignment: Make a flier for “Bring your pet to work day”. Put it on the windshields of the cars in the largest company in town.

Homework Assignment: You know those stores with sticker machines at the exit? Buy stickers on the way in, and be creative where to adhere, floors etc

Homework Assignment: Take a couple of cans of silly string to the movie theater, and see how much better it makes the film

Homework Assignment: Deface a Wikipedia page. Something subtle. Add price and availability info to you local congressman.

Homework Assignment: Last one was pretty tame. How about the two things that go great together – Pot brownies and church bake sales.

Homework Assignment: Send the advertisements that come in your bills back in the envelope you are paying with. Let them throw it out.

Homework Assignment: Rub Baby oil on the door handles of your closest Niemen Marcus. Save someone a few hundred dollars.

Homework Assignment: Easter Egg hunt. Take a dozen raw eggs and hide them strategically in your favorite big box store. Hide them well.

Homework Assignment: Go to the tallest building in your town. Hack the elevator for express rides up and down. Here’s how:

Homework Assignment: Start a flame war. Go on an open forum, and take an absurdly unpopular view. Try supporting Octomom, AIG, or Maddoff

Homework Assignment: Rotate the colored tops on the spray-paint cans at your local hardware or craft store.

Homework Assignment: Hack a road sign. Here’s how:

Homework Assignment: Rent six or so movies and rotate the DVDs in there cases. Works well when the DVD is etched instead of painted. Be creative.


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  1. i can do so many of these:)

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